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AOP was established, in 2010, by Chris and Kelli Wilson. They have a growing love for Christ and nurturing children. The Wilson's have 7 children of their own and have dedicated their life to growing God's Kingdom through orphan care ministry. Chris and Kelli have two adopted children and have been involved in various foster care and child enrichment programs. 


Partnering with various pastors, missionaries and  churches, An Orphan's Prayer has been able to help hundreds of orphan and abandoned children through the communities generous donations and volunteerism. Dozens of surgeries and life saving medical procedures have taken place over the years. AOP has built an abundant amount of physical structures including classrooms, churches, operating latrines, bedrooms, beds and mattresses for children, an entire farm, kitchens (that went from wood burning to propane), and solar panels that have helped orphanages equip 24/7 electricity.  AOP is proud to have installed multiple water wells that have provided water to over 500 children and people in the surrounding villages in Haiti. An Orphan's Prayer has taught various sustainable skills such as farming, gardening, cooking, and sanitization practices. Most importantly AOP  teaches and shows Christ's love through missions. Most times compassion and nurturing skills is what lacks most in the homes and orphanages of third world countries. AOP urges and promotes the importance of having the hope that is found in Jesus Christ. 


In 2016, An Orphan’s Prayer is working on the launch of a new program entitled “Purposeful Pathways” to provide transitional care to orphans through access to resources for educational or business pursuits.  AOP is anxious to launch orphans into adult life as independent and self-sustaining individuals that are able to enter and transform every strata of community, commerce and culture.


AOP has an entire ministry in Miribalais, Haiti. We have a fully operating Christian school, which helps children in various degrees of impoverishment including abandonment and/or not having the capabilities to go to school in the local area. 

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An Orphan’s Prayer is a non-profit organization [NFP# 27-3509823] that is centered around Christian ministry and evangelizing the word of God. We believe in the Holy Bible and that scriptures are the guidance for our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to spread the Gospel and share Jesus’ love with the world. The key component of this ministry is to allow God’s love to shine through to those that may be in darkness or without hope. Our goal is to bring hope to a future generation – to the children, the orphan and the abandoned.


AOP bases it’s foundation on the mission of faith and sanction with the Savior; however, all are welcome who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. If you would like to be involved – to give, engage and volunteer – we look forward to meeting you. Your time and care will help restore a child’s life forever. Your life will be changed along the way. 

An Orphan's Prayer's founders do not receive an income and believe in ministry being a fruit of service. That is why we value volunteers! 

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