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Purposeful Pathways




Purposeful Pathways exists to provide transitional resources to orphans seeking independence as active, contributing agents of change within culture.


Deborah Benson is a servant of Jesus Christ, using her gifts in education and discipleship.  She joins An Orphan’s Prayer as a board member and director of our new program entitled Purposeful Pathways. Deborah is excited to expand the reach of education and discipleship to include orphans that are in need of resources to transition successfully to adult life as agents of change.

Deborah has earned degrees in Performance and Pedagogy (M.A.) and in Educational Administration (M.E.) and is certified to teach Grades K-12 in Music and Bible.  Deborah serves as an Accreditation Commissioner for Christian Schools International, as the President of the Chicagoland Christian Administrator’s Group and is active in policy writing for various non-profit applications.  Deborah works for Parkview Christian Academy as Superintendent and is a volunteer with An Orphan’s Prayer.





         For more information on Purposeful Pathways,

         please contact Deborah Benson at 

Deborah Benson

Director or Purposeful Pathways

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